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What We Do

Invest with a Long-Term View

Preston Hollow Capital primarily seeks to invest its capital through the purchase of security instruments customized to meet the needs of borrowers. We take a long term view on financing transactions with the intent of building value in our portfolio over time rather than a quick flip.

Create Custom Solutions

In the often complex financial universe, we define our success by providing capital inside of a custom solution appreciated by all parties in a transaction.

Work Collaboratively with Dealers and Their Customers

We work collaboratively with borrowers and their investment bankers, advisors and agents to craft a transaction that meets both the client’s needs and our investment goals.

Pursue Related Investments

Since we deploy our own capital, we aren’t bound to any single investment strategy. We are always seeking related investments in securities, loans, projects or operating businesses.


Preston Hollow Capital actively trades for its own account with dealers.

Thoughtfully Manage Our Investments

Preston Hollow Capital couples idea-driven, solutions-oriented investing with disciplined credit underwriting and a keen focus on risk management.

How We Do It Differently

Working with Preston Hollow Capital Delivers:


The entire PHC Team is committed to meet each project’s unique constraints and objectives. There are no pitch teams, no “B” teams.  PHC’s seasoned professionals understand the need to deliver capital when promised and as promised.


PHC’s approval process is lean and efficient.  Our decision makers are involved with each project from start to finish, allowing us to react creatively to changing deal conditions.


As a nonbank specialty finance company with long-term investment horizons, PHC is able to adapt capital solutions to meet each project’s needs. Tax exempt or taxable.  Short or long term.  Senior debt, mezzanine debt or equity.  All of these approaches are available to PHC’s clients.

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